Saturday, December 12, 2009

3 months later

3 months? get out of town.

hi internet. new york is great. rocketboom is great. i am feeling great!
i just had hot chocolate with caitlin and luke (yep.. still hanging out with the people i was hanging out with 3 months ago - lovely people). and i just did some christmas shopping in soho. now have come home inbetween plans.. oddly with the same people i just left.. to shower and decompress.

i'm feeling really sad this weekend because my dear friend felicia is moving to colorado. we had a goodbye brunch at friend of a farmer this morning and took photos by a pretty house. i will miss her very much but i'm excited for all of her new beginnings!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

ohhhhhh... hi

hey blog. what's up? yeah.. i guess it has been a while.. i'm sorry i snapped at you last time. are we okay? good.

so the past 7 days have been insane. last wednesday i got on a plane to new york with 2 enormous bags and a pillow that looks like a log. i crashed at the wonderful sam friedman's apartment and i am absolutely buying her and her roommates a big pile of candy or something to thank them for letting me sleep on the couch until i got an apartment.

i found a place. it's wonderful and i'm very relieved to have moved in today. i still have about 10 errands left on my ever-growing list, but i intend to work through them tomorrow and over the weekend.

i'm so happy to be back at rocketboom! everyone is great and it's amazing to be able to spend my time doing things that i love. i can't wait until everything at the back of my mind is settled and i can stop freaking out, start sleeping better and really focus.

somehow beyond working and figuring out my living situation, i've managed to go out a few times this week. i saw 'the september issue' with caitlin & luke; it was very funny. very cool to see the photoshoots and how they put the magazine together. and last night i saw 'ponyo' - SO ADORABLE. i can't believe i didn't even know there WAS a new miyazaki film! it was wonderful & made me feel fuzzy inside.

i also went to the igniteNYC but could only stay for the 5 minute talks - which i was excited to hear. everyone was very funny and it only cemented my idea that everyone who works in the web industry is 'made of awesome'.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


oops - i never read comments on blogger. i really only check my email and read the first few hours of comments on videos. i usually read all of the @ replies on twitter & dailybooth though.
it's because i use google reader to read all of the blogs i like, that it rarely occurs to me to check my own page.

i don't think i'm missing much.

that's better

Monday, August 17, 2009


i'm obsessed with macarons! i'll try making them this week i think - brightly coloured ones of course. that's one of my goals for this week. i also need to finally finish cleaning my room, run a few errands & finish the books i'm reading.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

tumblr & tarantino

gasp! i just saw the follower count on blogger is at '444' & stuff like that still excites me. i'm uploading a vlog because im crazy, but i'm going to give translating the letter blogs i was doing on here into videos - i figure that's more interesting.

anyway! i've been writing on here less which is lame, but i'm just so obsessed with TUMBLR lately. i love it. it's like finally having a linkdump for pretty stuff and not just saving it to clutter up my desktop for months. love tumblr. so that's my excuse.

i saw inglourious basterds tonight at an advanced preview and it kicked ass. i was worried about it being bad so i went in with low expectations, as did ed. he'd read more about it than i did beforehand - purposely avoiding reviews etc.

it was crazy to see neal schweiber scalping nazis. it was good; not my favourite tarantino movie, but it was still quirky and had a lot of the long digressions that i like in his films. little long between the "omigodthatwassocool" moments which made it feel longer, but it also felt more like an actual film. i don't know.

it made us want to watch kill bill volume 2 really badly.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

leslie mann

so i just watched the whole of '17 again' and it was the final push - i'm going to write an essay entitled, 'leslie mann: luckiest woman on earth'.

conversation between my father & i before i watched it:

dad: [picks up dvd box] zac efron, mm?
me: his hair just DOES that!
dad: is that great hair?
me: it is.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

john hughes & david cross

my little head can't take this. in the past 10 minutes i found out john hughes died today & realised david cross is on the episode of nevermind the buzzcocks i've been barely paying attention to. and i have a temperature and sigh.. what a life.

i wonder what david cross looked like in his youth. teen idol?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i'm kind of a pseudo-foodie online - i just look at pictures & read recipes and reviews of food.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i went ape.

so there's this company called 'go ape' - i guess they have a ton of these big obstacle course high rope things all around the uk but i'd never been to one UNTIL TODAY. this morning my best friend maria wakes me up at midday to say, "tom's booked it already, so you have to come. helen's picking you up in an hour."

admittedly, i did enthusiastically agree to going a few days ago but it happened so suddenly! i didn't know what to wear. for the record, i am a girl who has not worn any form of trousers since volunteering at the vancouver film festival last september (when i wore black jeans because i thought i should try and look legit the first day). i like tights. leggings at most.

i wore jeans. it was weird and im really bad at landing after ziplining and as soon as i got home, i took them off and shook bark and dirt all over my floor. the day was really fun! i felt super outdoorsy and was surprised at how easily i could jump off high platforms. maria told me she knew i'd be good at it which warmed my stone heart. best summer ever.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009


sup hos

everything's still wonderful.
i think this week i'll be more clear on the last few details.

this morning, caitlin and i met up around 10am, before work, and walked over to soho to stalk the gossip girl shoots that are happening around mulberry & prince today. i meant to lurk them last week when they were shooting further west, but this morning we were successful in spotting both dan and georgina. as jake responded, "OMG WHAT ARE THEY DOING TOGETHER?"

this totally legit 12 year old had gotten a few autographs before we got there. we were informed jenny, blair & chuck were also around. who cares about serena and nate. srsly.
best summer ever.

Friday, July 17, 2009

new layout

for the first time in at LEAST 2 years.. i updated my youtube channel! fuck it. lets use the new layout. it's actually pretty efficient. sigh... now that that's out of the way: GUINEA PIGS EATING WATERMELON.


Monday, July 13, 2009

three random thoughts

- there's weird ache in my left side.. when and why was i leaning to the right so much?
- manhattanhenge was definitely a highlight of my year so far.
- i'd like to know something about phonebooths that i don't already know.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


so i left my camera cable in england and took like.. 2 photos of chris and i sitting on a rock and then about 3 with all of the lovely vlogcandy folks whom i was so excited to meet! the photos above are of emily and michelle - awesome girls!

it was a nice day and a pretty good gathering - i'm sad i missed out on all the night stuff (when shit gets real) but i'm glad i got to see everyone. looking forward to the next one, internetszz!